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Battle @ Da MVP Lounge
Mad Vision Production (MVP) Doing It Big
Mad Vision Production- History Begins....


Mad Vision Production Company Presents - The MVP Lounge
Mad Vision Production-Making it Happen
Welcome Blog-Mad Vision History Begins
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Battle @ Da MVP Lounge

Hey Mad Visionaries, wanted to share some of the happenings at the Lounge. You know that we do this networking thang each and every Friday, visit the website and check out the "events" page for more information. Below is one of the battles that we o from time to time. Think you got what it takes?
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Battle @ Da MVP Lounge
Each n every Friday, Networking Party, food, drinks, entertainment, lots more.......

Mad Vision Production (MVP) Doing It Big

 Big Tings A Gwaan @MAD VISION PRODUCTION COMPANY, we won't stop, cuz we can't stop....
Mad Vision Production (MVP) is intent on leaving its mark, we're developing a legacy that has the ability to change lives. We would like to introduce you to the TheMVP Lounge a super exclusive spot where people can, not only showcase their talent, but make valuable connections that can possibly take you to the next level. We've put out the stage and microphone, just for you, "So Bring It".You never know who's in the audience.
These events are not just limited to Rappers, no, we welcome Singers, Comedians, Dancers, Poets, Jugglers, if you can do it, we have a stage for it.
There will be food, and liquor, not to mention entertainment, you can also get a celebrity photo taken by our resident photographer, so come prepared to have lots of  fun!!!
For more information, See our Ad on FB, and on our events page on our website 
I told you we were here to make history!

Mad Vision Production- History Begins....

This is exciting for me, and it should be for you too, because you are witnessing an Empire in the making. You are a part of a history that is better experienced, than explained.
Mad Vision Production Company is the first in history, we are our own genre, there are no others like us. What sets us apart, other than we do it all? We have a genuine passion for success..., yours. It's a beautiful thing when a lump of coal is transformed into a flawless Diamond.
Our Service comes with our guidance and expertise. You are definately in good hands the moment you walk through our doors. So thank you for sharing this moment in history with us. We hope to be of service to you soon, and have the privilege of watching your journey to stardom.
Please keep coming back for more updates, don't forget to sign the guest book on the way out. There's something in it for you. Until next time....
One Love Mad Visionaries!